About Adults Only Hypnosis

Adults Only Hypnosis was founded in 2007 by clinical hypnotherapist Giovanni Lordi. He developed these audio programs in response to his many personal clients wanting a private treatment method for sexual/adult issues. Although the idea was not new (there have been many research papers advocating the use of hypnosis for sexual related issues) he decided to develop a range of use-at-home products specifically for these problems. Since then the results, feedback & popularity have been overwhelming, leading Giovanni to continually develop more & more different titles.

About the Author: Giovanni Lordi

Giovanni Lordi

Giovanni is highly respected in Australia and abroad as a hypnotherapist. He has extensive training in all aspects of hypnosis, as well as many years experience helping clients from all walks of life. Giovanni has been interviewed by many international shows, most notably 2 appearances on the very popular Coast to Coast AM radio listened to by more than 3 million people.

What is on the Recordings?

Each audio session is designed to help you reach the right level of trance required for personal change. This is achieved through a unique 3 part approach:

Level 1:
Spoken Hypnosis
Giovanni helping guide you into trance & introducing new patterns.
Level 2:
Brainwave Entrainment
Binaural frequencies, stereo bells & background music to slow brainwaves & promote deep trance
Level 3:
Subliminal Messages
Positive short statements recorded at a consciously inaudible volume to reinforce change

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