MP3 Download Information

Instant Download To Listen Tonight!

MP3s are very simple to download and use. If you are new to using MP3s, or just want to know more, this guide will help.

Checking Out

On each product page there is the option to purchase the CD or MP3. Please check the box that says 'MP3' and press the Add to Cart button. Once you have added all the items that you want you can proceed to checkout. Here you will be asked to create an account or sign in with an existing one. Please remember these details as they will be used later to download your files.

Downloading Your MP3s - for Computers, Phones or Tablets

Via Emailed Links: Links to download your purchased MP3s will be sent to you in an email after you checkout. Just click on the links in this email and choose to "SAVE" the MP3 files somewhere on your computer ready to be be used.

Via Your Account: You can login with the "My Account" button on the main menu at anytime to download anything you have purchased from us. Just use the username and password you chose during checkout, and once you are logged click the 'Download Files' button in your account section. Here you will find all MP3s that yo have purchased, and you can click the links and choose to "SAVE" to your computer.

For Mobile Devices: If you use a mobile device like an IPhone or IPad, once you click the download links, it will automatically download your MP3s into ITunes or your media player.

Listening to the MP3s

Once downloaded, there are a variety of ways to listen to your MP3s...

Computer Speakers: Just play the files through your computer media player to listen.

Mobile Device: If you downloaded your MP3s straight on to your phone or tablet, you can just plugin your headphones and listen. If you downloaded on to a computer first, simply transfer the files to your mobile device like you usually would.

Burn to a CD: It is fine to burn our MP3s to a CD on your computer and use on a stereo system through headphones or speakers. There is no loss in quality for this.

Common FAQs

Q: I downloaded to my computer but I can't find the files.A: Did you choose to "SAVE" the files when prompted or "OPEN"? Always choose to "SAVE" them to somewhere on your computer where you remember.

Q: I lost my MP3s, can I download them again?
A: Yes. Our system allows you to download each file you purchase 5 times. This is valid for 1 year. After this please contact us and we can still help if you have lost them.

Q: My MP3 does not play all the way through?
A: It is likely that something on your internet connection has prematurely reset your internet connection and the file has not downloaded in full. Please download again and make sure you have no other programs or devices running on your internet connection while downloading.

Q: What quality are the MP3 files?
A: We use a high quality compression format of 160KBps to ensure a very high definition audio quality.

Q: Will the MP3s work on all devices - computers, phones, tablets etc.?
A: Yes. They are just standard MP3 files recorded at a very high quality that will work on anything that plays MP3s.

Q: Can I share them with other people?
A: No. We spent many years developing these products and it is not only illegal to share them, but also not fair to us.