Free Hypnosis Receptivity Test


Gaze into the spiral and count slowly back from 20 to 1 and when you get to 1 then flick your eyes into the palm of your hand. Note what you see, then press the back button on your browser to return to this page and proceed read the results below.

View Spinning Hypnosis Spiral Image Here

Receptivity Test - Results Evaluation

I saw nothing unusual.
You are rather difficult to hypnotize.

The spiral appeared to change repeatedly in different ways and my hand really grew and swirled when I looked at it.
You are quite easily hypnotized and capable of achieving a deep trance state.

The spiral changed repeatedly in many different ways and I even saw flashes of color. My hand expanded and contracted and I felt an almost daydream feeling.
You are very hypnotizable, you would be a perfect volunteer for a stage hypnotist.

Some Interesting Information on Hypnosis Susceptibility

The connection between what you see and what you process mentally (and more importantly vice versa) is an incredible demonstration of the power of the human mind. Scientists refer to this as the "up-down connection" and alternatively as the "down-up connection" It is proven that the ability of the mind to process information that the eyes see is also seen in reverse by the ability to see something that the mind has processed or conjured without even really seeing it with your eyes.

Taken to the extreme cases this is prevalent in people with extreme cases of delusional disorders, but to some extent we all do this in daily life. This is important to note because it also means that we manifest mentally can affect how we view different objects and situations. Just an interesting little fact for you to consider...