Our Money Back Guarantee Policy

100% Money Back Guarantee on all Purchases!

Every CD or MP3 purchased from this site comes with a full money back guarantee after 60 days of use. If after 60 days, you do not see any improvements, we will happily refund your money straight back to your PayPal account. All you have to do is email us with your PayPal receipt stating that you would like your money back. You will then receive an unconditional refund with no questions asked.

Why do we guarantee our programs?
Because we are very confident in the effectiveness of these programs. It must also be said that there are many other 'adult orientated' hypnosis programs out there that do not offer a guarantee and are simply inferior products. We do not wish to be associated with these other programs and hence guarantee our products to safeguard you as a customer and maintain our own high standards.

Why do I have to wait 60 Days?
The programs are designed to be used for at least 8 weeks (about 60 days). Therefore if you prematurely finish the program without seeing results you are not giving it the proper amount of time to work properly.

What if I lose my PayPal receipt?
If this happens please just email your name, PayPal email and the date your purchased and we will confirm your payment and issue a refund back.

Do you accept returns for the MP3s too?
Unlike other sites we also offer refunds on the downloaded MP3s. We do this because we have faith that most people are honest and for the very low prices we ask for the programs, if you do experience significant results then it would not be fair to claim a refund.

Do I have to return the CDs?
No. You can keep them and we will refund the full price of the CDs less Shipping & Handling. S&H is only $8.00 per order or free for 3 CDs or more so the cost is minimal.